It's A Small World Child Care Center


We asked some of our busy parents to tell us why they love "Small world" Some are current and some are from the past 30 years. Many of them still keep in touch and send us their children and that is the highest compliment we could ever ask for.

1. "We are at ease when we go to work knowing that our children are well loved and cared for by all the teachers at Small World Learning Center. they do a wonderful job teaching our children their letters and numbers,but they also emphasize the importance of tapping into their creativity  and social development. Our children are very happy at "school". Although we wish we could be with them 24/7. we are comforted knowing they are in good hands at Small World. They are not only teachers, they are FAMILY."

Andrea and Jeremiah Morrison

2."The Staff ! They actually take the time to TEACH the children."

Thaisia Moore

3. "I love everything ! If they  didn't come here , I don't think they would be doing everything so fast!"

  Terrel Tooson

4."The wonderful, caring staff gives me comfort and peace of mind leaving my child in their hands"

 Louise Scassera

5."This center provided many opportunities for the children to socialize and learn many new and exciting things!"

Sheron Duckett



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